Allan Schnarr

 Allan Schnarr
Address820 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611

Adjunct Faculty, Loyola University Chicago Institute of Pastoral Studies

M.Div., University of Western Ontario,
Ph.D., Loyola University Chicago,

Allan is a licensed clinical psychologist with training in spirituality. He has been a psychotherapist since 1983 and has been the Coordinator of an internship for therapists interested in integrating spirituality and psychotherapy at Claret Center in Hyde Park since 1985. He has also been in the position of Associate Faculty at IPS since 1983. His courses are in emotional awareness and relational skills. Allan has enjoyed the challenge of marriage for over thirty years and has one adult daughter.

Allan’s life purpose and teaching are focused on embodied psychospirituality. His devotion to the sacredness of the body comes out of his own journey. Allan has been a faithful student of Yoga and/or Tai Chi for over thirty years. He also spent fifteen years invested in a personal healing journey through Reichian bodywork. Out of this comes his commitment to the body centered awareness in the present moment, and to the emotional truth in relationships. Allan’s dedication to this journey has found fulfillment in the completion of his soon to be published book, Emotional Wisdom.

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