Andrew Hoffecker

 Andrew Hoffecker
Address3585 Northside Parkway NW
Atlanta, GA 30327

Professor of Church History, Reformed Theological Seminary

Dr. W. Andrew Hoffecker, Professor of Church History, brings extensive teaching experience to the RTS campus. As a Professor of Religion at Grove City College for 25 years, he taught a wide variety of classes: Church History, Apologetics, Systematic Theology, Missions, Medieval Philosophy, C. S. Lewis Apologetics, and Christianity and Culture, to name a few. He received his B.A. from Dickinson College, his M.Div. from Gordon-Conwell and his Ph.D. from Brown University. He also served as a Captain in the United States Army. Dr. Hoffecker has contributed numerous historical articles in the Evangelical Dictionary of Theology and the Dictionary of Christianity in America as well as longer pieces on Benjamin B. Warfield in Makers of Christian Theology in America and C. S. Lewis in The Cresset. His doctoral work in the theology of Old Princeton resulted in Piety and the Princeton Theologians (1981) and will be further explored in his forthcoming biography of Charles Hodge which will appear in Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company’s reformed biographies in America series. Dr. Hoffecker has also edited the two-volume work, Building a Christian World View (1986, 1988), college level texts which enable students to develop a distinctly Christian approach to the broad field of liberal arts. He is editing a sequel, Revolutions in Worldview (Presbyterian and Reformed) which will be published in the near future geared to seminary students.

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