Anglican Catholic Church

Anglican Catholic Church

The ACC Crest.


Continuing Anglican




Episcopal, (with Apostolic Succession)


Inter-Communion with Anglican Province of Christ the King, United Episcopal Church of North America

Geographical area

United States, India, Latin America, Australia, Southern Africa



St. Louis, Missouri

Separated from

Episcopal Church in the United States of America


Anglican Church in America, Holy Catholic Church (Anglican Rite)


135 (In the U.S.)


10,000 (In the U.S.)

The Anglican Catholic Church is a worldwide body of Anglican Christians in the continuing Anglican movement which grew out of the 1977 Congress of St. Louis. The Congress was called in response to the Episcopal Church’s heavy revision of the Book of Common Prayer, which was felt to abandon a true commitment to both scripture and historical Anglicanism[1]. The decision to allow the ordination of women was just one part of a larger theological shift introduced by the revisions and opposed by the Congress of St. Louis. As a result of the desire to maintain the Apostolic tradition of male-only clergy and the exclusive use of historical Anglican liturgical forms, the church was separated and the advocates carry on with the tradition under the name of “Anglican Church in North America”. The name was later changed to the Anglican Catholic Church.

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