Archdn Kirill Sokolov

Rev. Archdn Kirill Sokolov
Address575 Scarsdale Road
Crestwood, NY 10707

Lecturer in Liturgics, St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary

B.A., , 2000
M.Div., , 2007

Archdeacon Kirill Sokolov serves as archdeacon, lecturer in liturgics, and Associate Chancellor for Systems at St Vladimir’s Seminary. He has served for many years as deacon and subdeacon for several hierarchs of the Orthodox Church in America and now serves as Archdeacon to the Metropolitan. He has been invited to lead workshops for clergy, those studying for diaconal ordination, and altar servers in Columbus, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, and Phoenix in recent years. In his work in the Chapel, Archdeacon Kirill teaches newly ordained deacons and future priests to serve in the altar faithfully. His breadth of experience in different dioceses throughout North America and travels abroad enable him to teach to a standard of practice while being cognizant of authentic local norms. He is the author of A Subdeacon’s Manual (available from the bookstores of St Vladimir’s Seminary Press and St Tikhon’s Seminary Press).

Archdeacon Kirill and his wife Sophia (‘05) are the proud parents of two little boys: Nicholas and Gregory.

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