Arnold I. Davidson

Dr. Arnold I. Davidson

Address1025 East 58th Street
Swift Hall
Chicago, IL 60637

Anderson Distinguished Service Professor in the Department of Philosophy,, University of Chicago Divinity School

M.A., Georgetown University,
Ph.D., Harvard University,

Arnold Davidson is interested in the historical and systematic relationships between philosophy and theology. He has written about, and taught courses on, twentieth-century European philosophy and theology, as well as on the history of philosophy and theology-ancient, medieval, and modern. He is especially interested in the tradition of spiritual exercises and the related ideas of philosophy and religion as a way of life and moral perfectionism.

His interests in the history of Judaism are primarily in modern and contemporary Jewish thought, including the relation between Judaism and philosophy in contemporary French thought, the role of practice in Jewish philosophy and the status of moral, political and religious concepts after the Shoah.

He is the author of The Emergence of Sexuality: Historical Epistemology and the Formation of Concepts. He has edited and written an introduction to Pierre Hadot’s Philosophy as a Way of Life: Spiritual Exercises from Socrates to Foucault (of which he is also editor of the French edition), and has co-authored a book of conversations with Pierre Hadot, La philosophie comme manière de vivre. He is the co-editor of the standard French anthology of Michel Foucault’s writings, Michel Foucault. Philosophie, and is the English-language editor of the thirteen volumes of Michel Foucault’s courses at the Collège de France. He has published articles in Italian on, among other topics, the tradition of spiritual exercises and St. Francis of Assisi. He has also edited the volume La vacanza morale del fascismo. Intorno a Primo Levi. He teaches regularly at the University of Pisa and frequently in France. He is executive editor of the journal Critical Inquiry.

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