Black Primitive Baptists

Black Primitive Baptists fall into two categories – traditionalist black Primitive Baptists that follow the historical basic theology and practice of Primitive Baptists in general, and those who fellowship through the National Primitive Baptist Convention of the U.S.A.. The old school black Primitive Baptists meet with some degree of complication in fellowshipping with their white counterparts, because of a division that took place among white Primitive Baptists (Absolute Predestinarian versus Limited Predestinarian) that did not occur among the black Primitive Baptists. Views ranging from absolute predestination to limited predestination exist among the black churches, with no break of fellowship. The National Primitive Baptist Convention, USA was organized in Huntsville, Alabama in 1907 and represents a progressive movement among black Primitive Baptists. These churches have adopted many modern practices not common among Primitive Baptists, such as instrumental music and Sunday Schools. In fact, the idea of a national convention is itself foreign to standard Primitive Baptist concepts.

From: Wikipedia

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