Brian McCorkle

Dr. Brian McCorkle
Address1 Silber Way
Boston, MA 2215

Research Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology and Religion, Boston University School of Theology

M.A., Episcopal Divinity School,
M.A., Boston University,
Ph.D., Boston University,

Dr. McCorkle directs the Center for the Study of Religion and Psychology ( at the Danielsen Institute at Boston University, and teaches psychological research methods and the psychology of religion. Personal research interests include compassion and loving kindness practices from all the world’s religions; sanctification (sacred outlook, or viewing everyday objects and activities as having sacred dimensions); the intersection of religion and spirituality with psychotherapy; and the development of new research measures in the psychology of religion with sound psychometric properties. Previously he was a research assistant professor at Boston University’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. In his personal life, Dr. McCorkle is a practitioner and teacher of Tibetan Buddhism.

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