Catherine A. Brekus

 Catherine A. Brekus
Address1025 East 58th Street
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Chicago, IL 60637

Associate Professor of the History of Christianity in the Divinity, University of Chicago Divinity School

Ph.D., Yale University,

Catherine Brekus teaches American religious history. She is the author of Strangers and Pilgrims: Female Preaching in America, 1740-1845, which explores the rise of Protestant female preaching during the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, and the editor of The Religious History of American Women: Reimagining the Past, a collection of essays that asks how women’s history changes our understanding of American religion. She is currently writing Sarah Osborn’s World: The Rise of Evangelicalism in Early America, a book about the early evangelical movement based on an eighteenth-century woman’s manuscript diaries. With W. Clark Gilpin, she is also coediting American Christianities, an introduction to the multiple forms of Christian expression in the United States. She has been involved in several collaborative research projects, including the History of Christian Practice in America, Perspectives on Children in Christian Thought, and Religion, Feminism, and the Family.

“‘A place to go to connect with yourself’: A Historical Perspective on Journaling,” Religion and Culture Web Forum, February 2004.

Areas of Interest

American Religious History;

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