Celeste Mueller

 Celeste Mueller

Address23 South Spring Avenue
St. Louis, MO

Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology and Director of Vocare Center, Aquinas Institute of Theology

M.A., Aquinas Institute of Theology,
D.Min., Eden Theological Seminary,

“I arrived at the study of theology through the doorway of the life sciences. As a biology major at Notre Dame, passionate about studying life itself, I took my first theology class and had the curious sensation that I had come home – that, at last, I was studying life in all its fullness. There was a division between the College of Arts and Letters and the College of Science that would not permit me to pursue a double major; I had to choose. Much to the dismay of the Dean of Science, I chose theology. Since then, all of my theological endeavors have resisted dichotomies so often drawn between scholarship and ministry, theory and practice, church and world, secular and sacred.”

Areas of Interest

Practical Theology;

Logos Almanac of the Christian World

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