Church of England in South Africa

The Church of England in South Africa (CESA) was constituted in 1938 as a federation of churches. It is an Anglican church but not a member of the Anglican Communion, however it relates closely to the Sydney Diocese of the Anglican Church of Australia. Similar to the Sydney Diocese, it sees itself as a bastion of the Reformation and particular reformed doctrine. The Church canons allow for lay presidency at Holy Communion and also the use of grape juice instead of fermented wine. All references to baptismal regeneration, and absolution have been eliminated from the denomination’s alternative Prayer book, as has the word Catholic in the creeds. Whilst CESA has been excluded from the Lambeth Conference, its ministerial orders are recognised by the Anglican Communion, and these orders derive from Bishop Fred Morris, a former Anglican missionary bishop in North Africa, who moved in 1955 to South Africa, much to the irritation of the then Archbishop of Canterbury. Several CESA clerics have served in the Church of England.

From: Wikipedia

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