Creating a Page

You can create a new page in the Logos Almanac by using the Create New Page command on the left-side of any page. You can also create a link to a page that does not yet exist while editing any page. After saving the page you can click the link and then choose to create the new page.

If you edit a page containing a list of links to other pages and the page source is simply a list of links, you can add a link to your new page directly.

My List
* [[First Page]]
* [[Second Page]]

Many lists in the Almanac, though, are generated automatically using the semantic wiki syntax. The list is a query that finds pages with certain attributes (usually category tags).

{{?ask [[category::publisher]] | format=ul}}

In this example, there is no need to add a link to a new “publisher” page directly. Simply create a new page for the publisher and include [[category::publisher]] somewhere on the page, or

{{?set category::publisher}}

on an empty line, and it will be added to the list automatically.

There is a List of Categories; you can also create a new category simply by using it.

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