Curtis J. Evans

 Curtis J. Evans
Address1025 East 58th Street
Swift Hall
Chicago, IL 60637

Assistant Professor of the History of Christianity, University of Chicago Divinity School

M.A., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary,
Ph.D., (Harvard University),

Curtis Evans is a historian of American religion. His teaching interests include modern American religion, race and religion in US history, and slavery and Christianity. His first book, The Burden of Black Religion (Oxford University Press, 2008), argued that black religion was crucial in debates about the role of blacks in American culture, especially prior to realistic prospects of integration. His research emphases are interpretations and cultural images of African American religion, churches and the problem of racial and social reform, and the effects of consumerism on the practice of Christianity in the twentieth century. His essays have appeared in the Journal of the American Academy of Religion, Church History, and Religion and American Culture. His current research project is an exploration of the formation and evolution of “Race Relations” Sundays founded in the 1920s under the auspices of the Federal Council of Churches

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