Dallas Theological Seminary

Dallas Theological Seminary is a long-standing Christian educational institution offering both graduate and doctoral degrees. The predominant degrees that might be obtained are: Master of Theology (flagship program), Doctor of Philosophy, and Doctor of Ministry. The fields of study include areas such as: Old Testament, New Testament, Hebrew, Greek, Historical Theology, Pastoral Ministry, Counseling, Linguistics, Cross-Cultural Ministry, Media & Communication, Systematic Theology, etc.

The school was founded in 1924 under the leadership of Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer. The seminary’s original emphasis of expository preaching and teaching of the Bible still rings true today. Since the seminary’s inception, only five presidents have served the institution and held very similar theological views. The most noted theological view of the seminary is Dispensationalism in general and Premillenial Dispensationalism in particular. Dispensationalism espouses that God has dealt with people in different ways throughout human history i.e. Moses was under the law, but the New Testament Church is under grace. Furthermore, Dispensationalism makes a distinction between ethnic Israel and the New Testament Church – God has a separate plan for the two groups. Premillenial Dispensationalism states that a specific time of Tribulation will occur at the end of time, after which Jesus Christ will return to set up his kingdom on earth for one thousand years before a final judgement. Some professors at the seminary have recently attempted to find a mediating view.

The school is known for training highly qualified pastors, missionaries, and professors.

Denomination:Non-denominational, Evangelicalism
Address:3909 Swiss Avenue
Dallas, TX 75204
Best Seminary Rating:Dallas Theological Seminary

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