David M. VanDrunen

Dr. David M. VanDrunen

Address1725 Bear Valley Parkway
Escondido, CA 92027

Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics, Westminster Theological Seminary in California

B.A., Calvin College,
M.Div., Westminster Seminary California,
Th.M., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School,
Ph.D., Loyola University Chicago,

Dr. VanDrunen, a minister of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and a licensed attorney in the state of Illinois, began teaching at Westminster Seminary California in 2001. Prior to this, from 1999–2001, he served as a pastor of Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Hanover Park, IL. Currently, he serves on the Orthodox Presbyterian Church’s Committee on Christian Education and Subcommittee on Ministerial Training. His present research interests include natural law, the two kingdoms doctrine, and bioethics.

The 2004 recipient of the Acton Institute’s Novak Award, he is the author of A Biblical Case for Natural Law and Law and Custom: The Thought of Thomas Aquinas and the Future of the Common Law, and editor of The Pattern of Sound Doctrine: Systematic Theology at the Westminster Seminaries: Essays in Honor of Robert B. Strimple. His scholarly articles have appeared in the Journal of Law and Religion, The American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, Calvin Theological Journal, Journal of Church and State, The International Journal of Systematic Theology, The Journal of Markets and Morality, and The University of British Columbia Law Review.

Dr. VanDrunen and his wife, Katherine, a Westminster Seminary California graduate, live in Escondido with their son.

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