Edna Nahshon

Dr. Edna Nahshon

Address3080 Broadway
New York, NY 10027

Associate Professor, Hebrew Language, Jewish Theological Seminary of America

Ph.D., New York University,

Edna Nahshon is associate professor of Hebrew at The Jewish Theological Seminary. She served as chair of the Hebrew Department from 1990 to 1998.

Dr. Nahshon’s specialty is Jewish theater and performance. Her books include Yiddish Proletarian Theatre: The Art and Politics of the Artef, 1925–1940 (Greenwood, 1998) and From the Ghetto to the Melting Pot: Israel Zangwill’s Jewish Plays (Wayne State University Press, 2006). Dr. Nahshon is the editor of a collection of essays titled Jewish Theatre (forthcoming, Brill Academic Publishers), and recently published the book Jews and Shoes (Berg Publishers, 2008). Jews and Shoes has received numerous write-ups in such publications as Book Forum and Haaretz. Dr. Nahshon’s work was also cited in this article about a large donation of shoes to a nonprofit agency. She is also working with Professor Michael Shapiro (University of Illinois) on a book tentatively titled Countering Shylock, in which they examine Jewish responses to The Merchant of Venice.

Dr. Nahshon’s work has been published in numerous outlets, in both Hebrew and English. Her essay “Counter-text on the Yiddish Stage: Maurice Schwartz’s Production of Shylock and His Daughter (1947)” is scheduled to appear in the summer 2007 issue of Zmanim, a Hebrew-language periodical published by Tel Aviv University, the Open University, and Mercaz Zalman Shazar. Another recent publication is her essay “Yiddish Theater in America” in Jews and American Popular Culture (ed. Paul Buhle, Praeger, 2007); an essay on Yiddish theater in the Encyclopedia of American Jewish History (eds. Stephen H. Norwood and Eunice G. Pollack, ABC-CLIO, 2007); and an introductory essay to Israel Zangwill’s Big Bow Mystery. Nahshon was guest editor of a special issue of American Jewish History devoted to the theme of “Jews and Performance” (Summer 2004). The issue includes her own article “The Pulpit and the Stage: Rabbi Joseph Silverman and the Actors’ Church Alliance.”

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