Edward Krasevac

 Edward Krasevac

Address2301 Vine Street
Berkeley, CA 94708

Professor of Theology, Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

B.A., University of Santa Clara,
M.A., M.Div., St. Albert’s College,
S.T.Lic., Jesuit School of Theology, Berkeley,
Ph.D., Graduate Theological Union,

Fr. Edward understands his teaching as an attempt to show students how to think theologically; his lectures are extemporaneous, making use of student questions and comments in order to facilitate theological thinking. His teaching also has important outcomes for him, as he sees things he has never seen before by virtue of presenting ideas in class and thinking through issues with his students. In Fundamental Moral Theology he has dealt with the basic questions of human life, such as obligation, action, freedom and responsibility. In Christology he addresses the important classical and contemporary questions regarding Jesus Christ, from the early dogmatic development of Patristic Christology to the modern attempts to construct a historical Christology.

At the present time, Fr. Edward’s major courses are:

Historical Development of Christology
Contemporary Christology
Natural Law
Intentionality and Moral Norms
He has written on issues in Fundamental Moral Theology, such as the relation of will and intellect in the dynamic of human freedom, and the “indirectly voluntary,” and its relation to the principle of double effect. He argues that traditional developments of the principle of double effect have too often compromised some of the basic insights of Aquinas’ notion of the indirectly voluntary, particularly that we may be only indirectly responsible for certain actions that much of the recent theological tradition has been too quick to characterize as directly voluntary.

He has recently taught a seminar on the work of the seminal cultural and intellectual historian, Richard Tarnas, examining in particular the gradual loss of the Greek concept of form in modernity, and its discovery in depth psychology and archetypal astrology.

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