Edwin Hui

 Edwin Hui

Address5800 University Boulevard
Vancouver, BC

Professor, Bioethics and Christianity & Chinese Culture, Dean of Chinese Studies Program, Regent College

M.D., British Columbia,
Ph.D., ,

Before Edwin Hui came to Regent in 1990, he worked as a medical scientist and clinician for a little over ten years and held the position of Vice Chief-of-Staff of the Lakewood Regional Medical Center, Los Angeles. Edwin lectures regularly in China, and is currently an adjunct professor at Peking, Fudan and Sichuan Universities as well as adjunct research fellow in four other universities in China. In 2000, he was appointed consultant ethicist for the Chinese National Laboratory on the Human Genome Project and has been Visiting Professor of Clinical Medical Ethics at the University of Hong Kong since 1999. He has published widely in bioethics and in Christianity and Chinese culture. He is currently finishing a Dictionary of Chinese Medical Ethics which is a “first” in the Chinese language. Edwin is married and has three children.

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