Elizabeth Agnew Cochran

Dr. Elizabeth Agnew Cochran

Address600 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15282

Assistant Professor, Duquesne University, McAnulty Graduate School of Liberal Arts

Ph.D., University of Notre Dame,

Research interests are in the history of moral thought (with particular focus on the eighteenth century), virtue ethics, sexual ethics, and health care ethics. Her dissertation is on Jonathan Edwards’ account of virtues in humans and its implications for moral agency. She has published several articles in journals, including Theology Today and the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics, and presented papers at national and international conferences. Her most recent articles focus of the importance of Christology for virtue ethics.

Dr. Cochran is pursuing ordination as a deacon in the United Methodist Church. Her denominational background undergirds one of her current research projects, which explores ways in which United Methodist and Catholic views of sin and redemption shape these traditions’ approaches to ethics. She is also working on an article about the moral significance of John Henry Newman’s concept of “assent.”

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