Ellen Goldberg

 Ellen Goldberg

Address99 University Avenue
Kingston, ON

Associate Professor, Queen’s Theological College, Queen’s University

B.A., University of Western Ontario, 1976
M.A., University of Toronto, 1988
Ph.D., University of Toronto, 1995

Ellen Goldberg’s field of specialization includes Hinduism, Buddhism, and Gender and Religion. She has written articles on Buddhism in North America, women and yoga, philosophies of the East. Her recent book, entitled The Lord Who Is Half Woman, examines the important but relatively neglected Hindu motif of the divine androgyne, Shiva-Shakti. Its purpose is to illuminate gender issues by probing the social, theological, philosophical, and iconographical expressions of the deity in Indian tradition. She is also continuing her research on the re-orientation of Buddhism in North America, drawing on colonial and post-colonial studies.

My goal as a teacher
“As a teacher, my most important goal is to expose students in a responsible way to the constructed nature of religious discourse.”

Buddhism and Mysticism are research topics
“I am grateful to have two six month sabbaticals in India so that I can continue my reserch on Hindu and Buddhist self-cultivation techniques. The intersections of these two traditions will form the basis for my next book on Sadhana and the paradox of self-cultivation.”

Three elements of worthwhile living
“In the film Manhattan, Woody Allen lays on his black leather couch (in a Freudian sort of way) and asks “what makes life worth living?” To this question, I would respond – music, meditation, and mishpucha.”

Areas of Interest

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