Evangelical Baptist Mission of South Haiti

The Evangelical Baptist Mission of South Haiti or Mission Evangélique Baptiste du Sud-Haiti (MEBSH) grew out of the successful efforts of the non-denominational World Team and the Cuba Bible Institute. Workers deported from Cuba returned home to Haiti and began to spread the gospel they have found. In 1936, 3 missionaries began to work among these Haitians who had been converted under Baptist ministry while they were working in Cuban sugar cane fields. In 1937, the mission opened a Bible school in Les Cayes. MEBSH now also operates a seminary, a hospital, and Radio Lumière (a network of 9 radio stations, including a radio station, studio & television station in Port-au-Prince). In 1995, the MEBSH had 183 churches with over 60,000 members (although World Team currently estimates as many as 115,000).

From: Wikipedia

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