Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Logos Almanac different from Wikipedia?

The Logos Almanac is focused on Christianity and Christian institutions. Wikipedia is a general purpose site that restricts entries to “notable” people and institutions. Many entries in the Logos Almanac are of great interest within a Christian context, but would not meet Wikipedia’s standards for inclusion.

What is unique about the Logos Almanac?

A unique strength of the Logos Almanac is its semantic web technology and its support for fact-based searches. (Facts are not copyrightable, and you can add them to the Logos Almanac from other web sites and publications. Please cite sources where appropriate, and feel free to provide links to existing detailed articles online.) While paragraphs of descriptive text are welcome, it is the well-tagged facts that make the Almanac most useful.

Can I copy Wikipedia content into the Logos Almanac?

Yes. Wikipedia and the Logos Almanac are both licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. (Simply add a link to the Wikipedia entry to the Almanac page in which you share content.) However, the Logos Almanac is not an attempt to re-invent the wheel. If Wikipedia (or any other site) has great content related to an entry in the Almanac, it is better to just add a link to it. It is best to just use short excerpts from Wikipedia for background or descriptive purposes on an Almanac page.

How can I create an account for editing the Logos Almanac?

Just like the Logos Forums and Logos Bible Software Wiki, all you need is to sign up for an account at

Is there an explanation of the formatting used for editing the Logos Almanac?

The two most helpful resources for getting a handle on the markup for the Logos Almanac can be found in the Semantic Wiki page as well as Edgewiki. The latter give helpful basic information about formatting issues such as paragraphs, headings, tables, and so forth, and Semantic Wiki provides details as to how relationships between facts are marked for creating the richly linked data that gives the Almanac its exciting potential as a resource. There is also an excellent page delineating how Semantic Relationships work.

Is it appropriate to edit the page about me?

Yes! You are welcome to edit your own page on the Logos Almanac. Scholars, faculty, pastors and leaders can use the Logos Almanac as an online resume or curriculum vitae. You should also add links to your profile at LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and school/church/organization web sites.

If I need help or have a question, is there anyone I can contact?

Absolutely. Probably the most efficient way of getting help would be in the community forums. Soon, we will have sub-forum set up specifically for the Logos Almanac. But if you cannot find an answer there, the general editor and overseer of the Logos Almanac is Mike Aubrey. Feel free to send him an e-mail.

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