Fildena Is a Promising Solution For erectile dysfunction

Who wouldn’t know one of the most famous erection pills in the world fildena 100, right? For men, it is synonymous with success, for women, the certainty that their partner in the bedroom will not disappoint. The problem, however, is that you can’t buy without a prescription and a prescription, at least not in a pharmacy. But ordering such a product online is a big risk.

Manufacturer and origin

Behind the Fildena 50 brand and the holder of its registration as a drug is the well-known pharmaceutical company, Fortune Healthcare. However, the tablets are manufactured in India. Specifically, the production is in charge of Fareva Amboise. The registration holder has its representation in each country
Fildena has a typical shape, from which it can be recognized at first sight. The purple triangle-shaped pills are marked Fildena on one side and VGR and Sildenafil on the other. These are film-coated pills which are intended for oral use and contain a specific active ingredient included among the pharmaceutical ingredients.

Composition and active substances of Fildena

Based on the composition of Fildena 120, the active substance called Sildenafil. It is a medicine that belongs to a group of medicines called phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. This medicine is found in each 25, 50, 100, 120, 150 or 200 mg tablet as a citrate salt. In addition, there are some excipients in Fildena.

Dosage and use

Fildena 150mg is subject to a prescription. This must be preceded by a medical examination and diagnosis that the man suffers from erectile dysfunction due to a problem with the blood supply to the axillary bodies in the p*nis.

One dose = 1 pill. The maximum daily dose is one pill, the recommended starting dose is half the pill is usually taken 1 hour before s**ual intercourse, but its effect will not become apparent until after s**ual stimulation.

Fildena is for regular oral use, with water. It is not recommended to exceed the recommended dosage, use in larger quantities or in higher doses, according to the manufacturer, does not improve the effectiveness of the product. Doses higher than 100 mg are more likely to cause side effects than better erections.

Effects of Fildena

Fildena is a medicine designed to improve erections and alleviate the effects of erectile dysfunction or impotence. It is used once, and after a certain time, the effects of the tablets disappear, so it is not a permanent solution. Long-term use is necessary due to higher efficiency and to improve erection forever.
In terms of effects, here is my assessment based on my own experience in these areas:
In terms of s*x appetite efficacy, Fildena has no special effects and is not adapted to its composition. The only thing that can happen is a situation where a man may have more self-confidence after taking the pill, so s**ual arousal occurs a little earlier.
Onset of erection
Fildena is clearly effective at the onset of erections. It is predestined for this by the composition, especially the active substance Sildenafil, which, thanks to the dilation of blood vessels, enables an increased blood supply to the p*nis already on the basis of the initial s**ual stimulation, i.e., it occurs very quickly.
Hardness and erection quality
Stronger and better erections are the second positive effect that Fildena offers. Thanks to better permeability of blood vessels and sufficient blood supply to the axillary bodies, the erection is of better quality. The effectiveness of Fildena is about 4 to 5 hours.
Prolongation of sual intercourse and delay of ejaculation
If you are expecting prolonged s**ual intercourse and resolving premature ejaculation problems, Fildena will not help you much in this regard. Yes, an erection is longer than without using it, but not by much. Tablets have no effect on the problem of premature ejaculation.
The intensity of orgasm
If you want to have a stronger orgasm, such an effect can be noticed at the beginning. However, I would not attribute it directly to the drug, rather it is a consequence of a quality erection after a long time, which affects the intensity of orgasm. In the long run, however, Fildena does not work like this.

Side effects

Taking Fildena also has some side effects, which may occur depending on your condition. Some people have few of these effects, but other men have had relatively serious problems taking Fildena because of them. Although these effects should only be short-lived, this is not always the case.
These are the most mentioned side effects and the intensity of their occurrence:
Very common side effects (may affect more than 1 in 10 people)
• headache
Common side effects (may affect less than 1 in 10 people)
• Nausea
• Blush
• hot flushes
• indigestion disorder
• color vision
• blurred vision
• vision impairment
• full nose
• dizziness
Among the less common and rare effects then include vomiting, skin rashes, problems with blood pressure and heart rate, irregular heartbeat, bleeding in the p*nis, blood in semen, and many others. These effects occur very rarely. In any case, some side effects are unfortunately definitely to be expected.

Contraindications and when Viagra cannot be used

Although Fildena 200 is undoubtedly successful in its results, the problem is not only the side effects but also the number of situations that preclude its use. This is not only an allergy to Sildenafil, for example, but also by combining the pills with some other drugs. Some diseases can also be a problem.

Not For Women Under 18

I remind you that Fildena tablets are for men only, not for women. Likewise, Fildena should not be given to people under 18 years of age. As this is a medicine for erectile dysfunction, it should not be taken by men who do not have such a disorder. I’ll just add that there are a lot of cases of ordinary men who have erection problems, even if they don’t think so.

Packaging and price

Fildena is available in several packs and types. The weakest Fildena contains only 25 mg of the active substance, Sildenafil. The stronger versions contain 150 mg and 200 mg. Depending on the size of the pack, and you can buy Fildena 100 with 90,120,150 and 300 pills.
In terms of prices, the normal price for one tablet is in the range of 0.86$ per piece, depending on the active ingredient content, the specific packaging, and the pharmacy’s pricing policy. Taking Fildena for a long time is relatively expensive at that time, although the effectiveness of the tablets is indisputable.

How and where to buy Fildena

Fildena or vigora can only be sold as a prescription drug in an online pharmacy. You can get it on the basis of a prescription prescribed by your doctor. Without it, the pharmacist cannot give you the tablets, as far as they fall into the category of medicines and not over-the-counter products.
You will only get a prescription from a doctor after a thorough examination by a doctor, most often an urologist or s*xologist. The condition of the prescription is the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction. Viagra is not prescribed for other forms of potency problems. That’s why a lot of men don’t get to her.

Why buying without a prescription is dangerous and what are the risks

Convenience and seeming simplicity lead many men to order Fildena pills without a prescription. This is most often done in advertisements such as “Sell Fildena without a prescription,” you can even find websites on foreign servers, which look like e-shops and offer not only Viagra but also other competing brands.
• Buying Fildena without a prescription is illegal and also very risky
• Counterfeits are made by foreign traders in order to make money, but they are ineffective
• There are often cases where tablets were a substitute and did not contain enough active ingredients
• Extreme are cases where the tablets contained antibiotics and even harmful substances

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