Forough Jahanbakhsh

 Forough Jahanbakhsh
Address99 University Avenue
Kingston, ON

Associate Professor, Islamic Studies, Queen’s Theological College, Queen’s University

B.A., Damavand College, 1980
M.A., McGill University, 1989
Ph.D., McGill University, 1997

Forough Jahanbakhsh teaches courses in Islamic Studies and Religious Studies. Her field of specialization is in Modern Developments in Islam, and she has written a book entitled Islam, Democracy and Religious Modernism in Iran (1953-2000): From Bazargan to Soroush (Brill, 2001). Her current research deals with the emergence of a non-fundamentalist intellectual movement in the Muslim World and its socio-political impacts.

Religion of love
“My secondary field of interest is Mysticism. I am attracted to mysticism because of the beauty and diversity of religious experiences that this infinite dimension of religion(s) yields. Being equally interested in intellectual aspects of religion(s), I have a both personal and professional interest in observing the perpetuate challenge between reason and love. It is no wonder to see that the great mystic, Rumi says: “The Intellect does not know and is bewildered by the Religion of Love – even if it should be aware of all religions”.

Religion, society and modernity
In my research, I am interested to explore the mutual relationship between social and political developments and understandings of religion(s). Since no religious development takes place in a vacuum, it is fascinating to explore how challenges posed by modernity have generated different interpretations of religion(s). This is to study the same challenge of reason and revelation on a different level.

Areas of Interest

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