Grace Baptist Assembly

Grace Baptist Assembly is designed to facilitate the fellowship of Particular Baptist churches and was first organised in England in 1980, when the Strict Baptist Assembly (founded in 1964) and the Assembly of baptized churches holding the doctrines of grace (founded in 1976) voluntarily agreed to cease their organisations and meet in the Grace Baptist Assembly. The churches of the Grace Baptist Assembly hold a Calvinistic form of theology, and are descendants of the larger Strict and Particular Baptist movement. Many churches involved also belong to one of three regional associations. Churches support evangelistic and educational endeavours, including Grace Publications Trust and Grace magazine (founded in 1970). A linked missionary organisation, Grace Baptist Mission, (formerly the Strict Baptist Mission) supports evangelistic work in over 13 countries worldwide. Grace Baptist Mission is based in Abingdon, England. The Grace Baptist Assembly appears to feel a close kinship to the Reformed Baptists of England. In 1995, Grace Baptist Assembly had over 10,000 members in about 260 churches.

From: Wikipedia

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