Gregory Tokarski

Rev. Dr. Gregory Tokarski
Address3535 Indian Trail
Orchard Lake, MI 48324

Assistant Professor, SS. Cyril and Methodius Seminary

S.Th.B., Pontifical Salesian University, 1994
Litt.B., Pontificium Institutum Altioris Latinitatis, 1999

Academic credentials:
S.Th.B. – Pontifical Salesian University, Rome 1994. Thesis (in Italian): “Mysterium in figura. Le figure bibliche femminili negli scritti di sant’Ambrogio di Milano” (= “Mysterium in figura. Women biblical figures in the writings of St. Ambrose of Milan).
Litt. B. Pontificium Institutum Altioris Latinitatis, Rome. Thesis (in Latin): “Nomina orationis in sermone Latino” (= “Prayer’s names in Latin language”)
Litt. L. Thesis: De praecipuis orationis vocibus in sermone Graeco et Latino ceterisque linguis Indoeuropaeis” (= “Prayer’s peculiar words in Greek, Latin and other Indo-European languages”).
Litt. D. Pontificium Institutum Altioris Latinitatis, Rome, 1999. Dissertation: “Lexicon Indoeuropaeum fundamentale Latini sermonis” (= “Indo-European Dictionary of the Latin Language”, Rome 1999, pp. LXXXIX + 291); final result summa cum laude 30/30. The dissertation examines the Latin vocabulary according the vocalic gradation, beginning from the Proto-Indo-European roots through the rich comparative examples of related languages. The academic degree of Doctor in Litteris Christianis et Classicis granted by the Salesian Pontifical University has been recognized by the Catholic University of Lublin, Poland, as equal to the academic degree of Doctor of Humanistic Studies in Linguistics – Classical Philology (= Ph.D.).

Areas of interest: Indo-European Linguistics, Patrology, Classical Languages, Christian Ancient and Medieval Literature.

Various recentions published in «Salesianum», Rome.
Lessico indoeropeo fundamentale della lingua latina, Roma 1999, pp. 121 [excerptum].

Professional memberships:
North American Patristic Society, ordinary member

Service and teaching:
1998-2000: Assistant Professor (Pontifical Salesian University, Rome; Chair of Greek and Latin Glottology)
1999-2000 Scientific and bibliographic research at the University of Heidelberg (Seminar für Klassische Philologie), Germany
2000-2003: Associate Professor (PSU, Rome)
2004-2007: Associate Pastor (St. Michael Parish, Livonia, and Our Lady of Refuge Parish, Orchard Lake, MI, Archdiocese of Detroit)
2005 appointed as half time SSCMS Faculty member, in 2006 – Assistant Academic Dean, from 2007 – Academic Dean; weekend Associate Pastor at Our Lady of Refuge Parish, Chaplain to the German speaking community in Detroit area.

Taught Courses:
Patrology, Patristics, Greek, Latin, Classics of Christian Spirituality.

Areas of Interest

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