Hee An Choi

 Hee An Choi

Address1 Silber Way
Boston, MA 2215

Director of the Anna Howard Shaw Center, Lecturer, Boston University School of Theology

Ph.D., Chicago Theological Seminary,
M.A., United Theological Seminary,
M.Div., Graduate School of Theology Hanshin University,
B.S., The Catholic University of Korea,

The Reverend Dr. Choi, Hee An joined the School of Theology as Lecturer and Director of the Anna Howard Shaw Center in 2003. Dr. Choi’s research and teaching focuses on women’s studies and theology in the multicultural and post-colonial context of the globalized, modern post-Diaspora era. Her most recent book, Korean Women and God: Experiencing God in a Multi-religious Colonial Context, explores the transforming relationship between images of God and self-images of women in ministerial context. With Katheryn Pfisterer Darr, Dr. Choi is also co-editor of Engaging the Bible-Critical Reading from Contemporary Women.

As an ordained minister, she has taught in a variety of universities and seminaries and served a congregation in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). She received her BA from Catholic University, her MDiv from Han Shin University in South Korea, her M.A. from United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities in Minnesota and her PhD from Chicago Theological Seminary.

Areas of Interest

Women’s Studies; Theology;

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