J. Alfred Smith, Sr.

Sr. J. Alfred Smith, Sr.

AddressAmerican Baptist Seminary of the West
2606 Dwight Way
Berkeley, CA

Professor of Preaching and Church Ministries, American Baptist Seminary of the West

B.S., Western Baptist College,
B.D., Missouri School of Religion,
M.Th., American Baptist Seminary of the West,
D.Min, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary,

“I believe that a student is not a vessel to be filled, but a flame to be kindled. However, the student must possess pertinent historical information, so as to become well acquainted with the subject that is taught. To provide the student merely with information is to assume that the student will remember all of the facts presented in a lecture and will be able to apply them in one’s field of endeavor”.

It is very important that, in addition to presenting the student with information, the teacher becomes an intellectual midwife who will motivate the student to exercise perspiration, since learning does not come easily. Lastly, as a teacher, I endeavor to move the student from information and perspiration to inspiration, so that the student will become a lifelong learner.

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