J. Kameron Carter

 J. Kameron Carter

AddressPost Office Box 90968
Durham, NC 27708

Associate Professor in Theology and Black Church Studies, Duke University Divinity School

B.A., Temple University,
M.Th., Dallas Theological Seminary,
Ph.D., University of Virginia,

Professor Carter teaches courses in both theology and black church studies. His academic interests range from systematic theology and theological exegesis to philosophy, literature, and cultural studies. He draws significantly on patristic and medieval approaches to theology in engaging the contemporary theological and cultural imagination. He has a book forthcoming from Oxford University Press titled Race: A Theological Account in which he considers the modern construction of race as a theological problem. He is pursuing research towards work tentatively titled Religion and the Black Intellectual Imagination and is engaged in a long-term research project which will yield a dogmatic Christology for the 21st century.

Address: Duke University Divinity School
Box 90968
Durham NC 27708-0968

Phone: (919) 660-3425
E-mail: jcarter@div.duke.edu

Areas of Interest

Teology; Black Church Studies;

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