Jack Roeda

 Jack Roeda

Address3233 Burton SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Adjunct Professor of Preaching, Calvin Theological Seminary

A.B., Calvin College, 1967
B.D., Calvin Theological Seminary, 1971

Good preaching is not an easy or a simple thing. It requires our best efforts, our keenest thinking. More, it demands holiness. There is no foolproof recipe, no guaranteed method, and no step-by-step account that will always deliver an excellent sermon. All that we can do for each other is point the way and warn against wrong turns. I agree with homelitician John Killinger, who wrote, ‘The making of the sermon is actually a moment of revelation, a trip into the holy mountains – and the delivery of the sermon is such a moment for the congregations. Good preaching galvanizes men [and women] -upends them, probes them, haunts them, follows them into their most remote hiding places and smokes them out, drives them out coughing and sputtering and crying into the open light of new grace and new freedom and new love. The withered are made whole, the lame leap for joy, the dumb find articulation, the confused discover direction, the harried find resources for slowing down-in short, there is an apocalypticism about such preaching, an immediate grasp of what is yet distant and still to come, a taste of what is promised.’ It is toward the preaching of such sermons that we work and pray.

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