John Alsup

 John Alsup
Address100 East 27th Street
Austin, TX 78705

The First Presbyterian Church, Shreveport, D. Thomason Professor of New Testament Studies, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

B.A., University of the Pacific, 1963
B.D., Princeton Theological Seminary, 1966
M.Div., Universitaet Hamburg, 1968
D.Th., Universitaet Muenchen, 1973

Dr. John Alsup began teaching New Testament at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in 1975. In 1983 he took a leave of absence to teach at the University of Erlangen, West Germany, where he was granted the distinction of being a full professor in the German system. While working on his doctorate in Munich, Dr. Alsup was civilian pastor for the U.S. 7th Army Perlacher Forst Chapel.

In 1992 Professor Alsup became the first recipient of the First Presbyterian Church, Shreveport, Louisiana, D. Thomason Chair of New Testament Studies, an endowed professorship honoring the long-time relationship between that congregation and Austin Seminary. Dr. Alsup’s teaching interests include exegetical methodology, Greek, German, contemporary gospel research, resurrection, New Testament theology, and participating in “senior preaching” courses.

Professor Alsup is the author of numerous books, reviews, articles, and translations. His recent publications include the article, “Leonhard Goppelt,” (Inter Varsity Press, 2007, pp. 473-476), the article “Resurrection,” in the Encyclopedia of Christianity (Eerdmans 2005, pp. 664-668), and commentaries on I Peter and Revelation and articles in the New Harper’s Bible Dictionary. He is currently working on a commentary on the Gospel of Mark, and a monograph titled, “The Church as Household.” He has been a member of the Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas since 1977. Dr. Alsup maintains a website ( offering pastors a place for dialogue about sermon preparation, to polish Greek skills, and to share responses to the common lectionary.

Dr. Alusp?s interests include writing fiction (mystery novels), and non-fiction (e.g. horses), from a theological perspective. Together with the assistance of Austin Seminary students, Professor Alsup has been pastoring the Sunrise Beach Federated Church for nearly 30 years, as an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Professor Alsup is a member of Mission Presbytery.

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