Jonathan M. Watt

 Jonathan M. Watt

Address7418 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15208

Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

B.S., Syracuse University,
M.Div., Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary,
M.A., University of Pittsburgh,
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh,

A specialist in linguistics, Dr Watt’s passion is to investigate and demonstrate how the use and perceptions of language come to bear on the Old and New Testaments, both in the exegesis of a text and also in the settings that lie behind the texts.

He is author of Code Switching in Luke and Acts, and contributed “The Oikos Formula” to The Case for Covenantal Infant Baptism and “Of Gutturals and Galileans: “The Two Slurs of Matt, 26:73” to Linguistics and Biblical Greek. His representative articles include: “Three Kinds of Depression” and “Apocalyptically Speaking: Dialect and Register in John’s Apocalypse,” in Semper Reformanda; “Digging Up Dirt: The Relationship of Archaeology to the Bible,” in Covenanter Witness; and Language Pragmatism in a Multilingual Religious Community, presented at the International Conference on the Ancient Synagogue at Lund University, Lund, Sweden.

Dr. Watt has published articles and has contributed chapters in scholarly monographs in the area of Biblical Sociolinguistics and done recent work in educational linguistics. He also served as editor of a festschrift in honor of Emeritus Professor Edward A. Robson, entitled Pro Gloria Christi.

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