Julie Anne Lytle

Dr. Julie Anne Lytle

Address99 Brattle Street
Cambridge, MA 2138

Associate Professor Pastoral Theology and Educational Technologies, Episcopal Divinity School

B.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,
M.Div., University of Notre Dame,
Ph.D., Boston College, Department of Theology,

Dr. Julie Anne Lytle grew up immersed in media culture (books, radio, LPs, television, film). Professor Lytle’s curiosity about how humans communicate and respond to mediated messages ultimately led her to identify what she calls the Holy Trinity of Faith Formation: Message, Method, and Media. She offers a unique perspective combining academic training in Journalism/Advertising (BA, UNC), Theology (M.Div., NDU) and Religious Education (PhD, BC); professional experience as a producer using every form of media, oral, written, print, electronic, and interactive; and professional experience in every arena of church life from parishes and dioceses to national and university settings.

Her research takes an ecological approach to understand the way faith community life fashions and forms its members. Grounded in Tertullian’s assertion that Christians are made, not born (Tertullian), Professor Lytle’s research identifies the communal elements through which a community has traditions and passes them on; by which a community celebrates and through its ritual actions provides a sense of connection, identity, meaning, and direction; and evaluates how well a community witnesses its beliefs by its actions. She also explores the impact of ever increasing distractions that pull members from that way of life and developed methods to evaluate appropriate uses of emerging technologies to bridge that gap.

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