Kenan B. Osborne

Dr. Kenan B. Osborne
Address1712 Euclid Avenue
Berkeley, CA

Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology, Franciscan School of Theology
Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology, Graduate Theological Union

B.A., San Luis Rey College,
B.Th., Old Mission Theological Seminary,
Licentiate in Sacred Theology, Catholic University of America,
D.Theol., Ludwig-Maximilian Universitat,

A scholar and teacher of international repute, Kenan is in a league of his own. With a remarkable sense of mission he is continually writing books, educating students and general readers about the spiritual life. Ceaselessly traveling and lecturing, he brings the words of the Gospel and Saint Francis to an international audience. A spirited and animated teacher, students at FST have been crowding into his popular classes since 1967. In recent years he has traveled and taught in mainland China, learning the language in order to unite the Christian ways of thinking with Asian ways of thought. Having served in every conceivable capacity from local chaplain to international lecturer, Kenan Osborne has, in the truest sense, been the bridge between the old, pre-Vatican II world and the contemporary global village we now inhabit.

Selected Course Descriptions
The Problem of God

We consider the various understandings of God which the Christian church has developed over the centuries and we consider the challenges which contemporary science, philosophy, and atheism have raised. Time is also given to the multi-cultural issues of a theology of God and the relationship of Christian views with world religions.

Perspectives in Theology

A discussion of the major contemporary theological issues: theology and the modern world, theology and science, theology and world religions. An introduction to methodologies, presuppositions, the magesterium, philosophical thought sources and scripture.


A look at the Jewishness of Jesus, the Jesus community of the apostolic period, the christological doctrines in the early church, the infancy narratives, the death and resurrection of Jesus along with contemporary liberation theologies: Latin American, feminist and multi-cultural.

Curiculum Vitae

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Articles in:

  • Journal of Ecumenical Studies
  • The New Catholic Encyclopedia
  • Worship, Chicago Studies
  • Der Mensch als Bild Gottes
  • Ecclesia-Leiturgia-Ministerium
  • The Christian Century
  • Ecumenical Trends
  • The New Dictionary of Theology
  • Dictionary of the Middle Ages
  • and many others.

Areas of Interest

Systematic Theology;

Logos Almanac of the Christian World

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