Kenneth L. Draper

 Kenneth L. Draper
Address150 Ambrose Circle S.W.
Calgary, AB

Professor of History, Ambrose Seminary

B.A., ,
M.A., ,
Ph.D., ,

Writing and Research focused on understanding the place of religion in late 19th and early 20th century Canada. This is a period which has been characterized as both a period of religious doubt and decline and a period of religious revival and growth. What seems to be happening is a reorientation of place of religion from a vector of public identity to that of individual and private self-identity. Thus, in public, religious discourse becomes muted, while of lay-led movements and practices developed wide followings that move outside of historic denominational boundaries. This leads to a more individualized, privatized experience of religion. Current interests are in exploring Michel Foucault’s thinking on the subject, governmentality and technologies of the self as approaches to intersection of evangelical Christianity and the development of Canada as a liberal state in the 20th century.

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