Kevin Hector

 Kevin Hector
Address1025 East 58th Street
Swift Hall
Chicago, IL 60637

Assistant Professor of Theology and of the Philosophy of Religions, University of Chicago Divinity School

Kevin Hector does constructive Christian theology in conversation with contemporary philosophy. His scholarship is animated by three problems: the modern problem of relating God, the world, and human persons; the problem of metaphysics (and the dualistic pictures that underwrite it); and the problem of establishing increasingly just social practices. Hector has published essays in the International Journal of Systematic Theology, Modern Theology, and the Scottish Journal of Theology, and he is currently working on two books: Theology without Gaps: The Meaning, Truth, and Reference of God-talk and The Recognition of the Spirit: A Constructive Pneumatology.

Areas of Interest

Christian Theology in conversation with Contemporary philosophy

Logos Almanac of the Christian World

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