Leif E. Vaage

Rev. Dr. Leif E. Vaage

AddressVictoria University, in the University of Toronto
73 Queens Party Crescent
Toronto, ON

Associate Professor of New Testament, Emmanuel College of Victoria University

B.A., Valparaiso University,
M.Div., Trinity Lutheran,

A pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada he also teaches every year on the behalf of the United Church of Canada at the Universidad Bíblica Latinoamericana Recinto Lima in Perú (South America). During the last 20 years, since completing doctoral studies at the Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California, his scholarly interests have revolved around the following four issues: i) the social practices of biblical interpretation, especially in Latin America; ii) the social projects of earliest Christianity, especially those associated with the historical Jesus and his first followers in Galilee and with the historical Paul; iii) the diverse modes of social critique and alternative social construction, especially in ancient Cynicism, Christian asceticism, and modern anarchism; and iv) the social significance of the human body in and for these practices and projects. These projects have made him otherwise an avid exponent of arboreal exegesis with a chain-saw, German shepherding into the woods, writing for poetic vengeance, and learning how to dance with progressive rigor mortis.

Areas of Interest

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