Lewis Donelson

 Lewis Donelson

Address100 East 27th Street
Austin, TX 78705

The Ruth A. Campbell Professor of New Testament Studies, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

B.A., Duke University, 1971
M.Div., Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 1976
Ph.D., The University of Chicago, 1984

Dr. Lewis Donelson joined the faculty of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in 1983. Prior to coming to Austin, he was pastor of Holly Grove Presbyterian Church in Holly Grove, Arkansas, from 1979-1981. His primary teaching interests include New Testament, Greek, hermeneutics, and Greco-Roman culture.

Professor Donelson is the author of four books and numerous articles. His latest books are From Hebrews to Revelation: A Theological Introduction and Colossians, Ephesians, First and Second Timothy, and Titus, both of which are published by Westminster John Knox Press. He is currently working on a commentary on 1 Peter, 2 Peter, and Jude which will be published by Westminster John Knox Press in the New Testament Library series. He is also working on a book on the Gospel of John.After going on an Austin Seminary trip to the Middle East that Dr. Andy Dearman organized, Professor Donelson has organized his own seminary trips to Turkey and Greece. This means that he has spent a lot of time and energy in recent years learning the history and archaeology of these areas. A few years ago, he went on Dr. Bill Greenway’s wilderness trip in Colorado and was reminded of how much he loved camping. He and his family now take a yearly backpacking trip in Colorado.

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