List of Categories

Prefer singular single-word descriptive labels for categories.

[[category::publisher]] A publisher of books or other media.
[[category::seminary]] A seminary or graduate school of theology.
[[category::college]] A christian college offering undergraduate degrees.
[[category::denomination]] A christian denomination.
[[category::radionetwork]] A radio network with multiple stations.
[[category::radiostation]] A specific radio-station (not a network).
[[category::tvnetwork]] A TV network with satellite distribution.
[[category::tvstation]] A specific TV-station (not a network).
[[category::school]] A K-12 christian school.
[[category::missionagency]] A mission agency or network.
[[category::translationagency]] A Bible translation organization.
[[category::magazine]] A popular serial publication.
[[category::journal]] An academic journal or other serial publication.
[[category::camp]] A camp or conference center.
[[category::retreat]] A retreat center ministry.
[[category::church]] A specific church, not a denomination.
[[category::newspaper]] A printed christian newspaper.
[[category::website]] A specific web site or group of web sites.
[[category::association]] An association of organizations.
[[category::ministry]] A ministry not covered by a more specific category.
[[category::business]] A for-profit organization not covered by a more specific category.
[[category::nonprofit]] A non-profit organization that is not specifically a ministry.
[[category::faculty]] A faculty member of a college or seminary.
[[category::person]] A person not covered by a more specific category.

Categories are used primarily to build lists with queries; every page does not need a category. You can create a new category by simply using it.

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