Marion C. Moeser

Sr. Marion C. Moeser
Address711 Knox Road
East Aurora,, NY

Associate Professor, Christ The King Seminary

M.S., Daemen College,
M.A., Christ the King Seminary,
M.T.S., Catholic Theological Union,
Ph.D., University of Notre Dame,

My principal field of interest is Christianity and Judaism in the Ancient World. Within that field my concentrations have been on the Old and New Testament. However, I have also studied and taught sessions on the Dead Sea Scrolls, Early Church documents, and early Rabbinic Judaism’s texts. I have taught courses on Apocalyptic literature: Daniel and the Book of Revelation, the Eucharist in the New Testament and Early Church, and Women in the biblical texts.
An additional interest of mine is the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition, particularly the use of Sacred Scripture in the early Franciscan documents.
In all my study I have always been concerned to discuss the theology presented in these areas/exts in the context of our modern life experiences – “where the rubber hits the road.”

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