Mark Chaves

 Mark Chaves
AddressPost Office Box 90968
Durham, NC 27708

Professor of Sociology, Religion, and Divinity, Duke University Divinity School

A.B., Dartmouth College,
M.Div., Harvard Divinity School,
A.M., Harvard University,
Ph.D., Harvard University,

Professor Chaves specializes in the sociology of religion and is professor of sociology, religion and divinity at Duke University. Among other projects, he directs the National Congregations Study (NCS), a wide-ranging survey of a nationally representative sample of religious congregations. Results from the 1998 NCS have informed debates about the Bush Administration’s faith-based initiative, and they have helped us to better understand many aspects of congregational life in the United States.

He is the author of Congregations in America (Harvard, 2004), Ordaining Women: Culture and Conflict in Religious Organizations (Harvard, 1997) and many articles, mainly on the social organization of religion in the United States. He currently is President-elect of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion.

Professor Chaves teaches sociology of religion at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. He also teaches a course, designed specifically for Divinity School students, on the social organization of American religion. This course is meant to be informative and useful to M.Div. students as well as M.T.S., Th.D, and other students on more academic tracks. The course focuses on religion’s formal and informal social organization. It addresses questions such as: How is religion organized? Why are there variations in religious social organization? What are the consequences of those variations for people, religions, and societies? How do social relations infuse religion? How does social context shape it?

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