Mary Greenan

 Mary Greenan
Address2301 Vine Street
Berkeley, CA 94708

Adjunct Lecturer in Counseling, Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

B.A., St. Mary’s College, London University,
Diploma in Counseling, Westminster Pastoral Foundation, London,
M.A., Holy Names College,

Sr. Mary Greenan is a member of the Salesian Sisters Congregation, a ministry dedicated to young people. She teaches her students how to integrate their own life of faith in order to culminate the faith in the lives of the young. Her methodology is very relational. She says that it is a walking with, by getting involved with the life of the person. It is a willingness to go even in the wrong direction, and to be with them where they are and to walk some of that way, eventually responding to the challenges they make. As Jesus did, she reveals her own story, and hopes her students’ hearts will burn in their way, seeing their own story played out.

The courses Sr. Mary Greenan teaches are:

Youth Spirituality
Leadership, Ministry, the Young
Her other interests are: Spiritual Accompanyment of Young People; and Collaborative Ministry of Male/Female dynamics.

Sr. Mary Greenan recently finished an article, “Mysticism: Towards an Ecstasy of Action” in the Journal of Salesian Studies (Fall 2003). The article is instructive on how to integrate the contemplative and the active. Sr. Mary shows the educator who ministers to young people how one is able to make the ecstasy of God’s presence an experience in their own lives and an experience in the lives of the young.

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