Merlin Swartz

 Merlin Swartz
Address1 Silber Way
Boston, MA 2215

Professor Emeritus Religious and intellectual history, Boston University School of Theology

Ph.D., Harvard University,

Professor Emeritus of Religion (Islamic Studies). PhD Harvard University; Chairman ad interim 1981-1982; 1991-1992. Taught previously at the American University (Beirut) and Harvard (Center for Middle Eastern Studies). Levi della Vida lecturer (UCLA 1993). Publications include Ibn al-Jawzi’s Kitab al-Qussas wall-Mudhakkirin (Institut de Lettres Orientales, Beirut 1971); A Seventh-Century Sunni Creed: The ‘Aqida Wasitiya of Ibn Taymiya (Mouton 1974); Studies on Islam (Oxford 1981); Humaniora Islamica, co-editor (Mouton 1973-1974); “Arabic Rhetoric and the Art of tyhe Homily in Medieval Islam” in Religion and Culture in Medieval Isam, dedicated to George Makdisi (Cambridge University Press, 1999): A Medieval Critique of Anthropomorphism: Ibn al-Jawzi’s Kitab Akhbar as-Sifat: A Critical Edition of the Arabic Text with Translation, Introduction and Notes (to be published by E.J. Brill, 2001): a series of articles in the Dictionary of the Middle Ages (Scribners 1988), Encyclopaedia Iranica (Columbia 1998), Encyclopedia of Asian History (Scribners 1988); Encyclopaedia Iranica (Columbia 1998); and “A Hanbali Critique of Anthropomorphism” (Budapest 1999). Fulbright Senior Fellowship for research in Syria, Egypt, and Turkey (1989-1990). Professor Swartz’s research and teaching focus primarily on the religious and intellectual history of medieval Isam.

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