Michael Bourgeois

 Michael Bourgeois

AddressVictoria University, in the University of Toronto
73 Queens Party Crescent
Toronto, ON

ssociate Professor of Theology, Director of Basic Degree Studies,, Emmanuel College of Victoria University

B.A., Loyola,
M.T.S., Harvard,
Ph.D., Union Theological Seminary, NY,

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.
College in 2001 after graduate studies at Harvard Divinity School and Union Theological
Seminary, New York, and teaching and administrative work at St. Andrew’s College,
Saskatoon. At Emmanuel College he teaches constructive, historical, and contextual theologies — including
both formative and alternative theological traditions. His particular interests include theologies of salvation,
redemption, and liberation; theologies of hope and history and their relation to salvation and social justice;
the relation of theology and the natural sciences, especially on questions of the origin and destiny of the
universe and divine action in the world; and expressions of religious ideas in popular culture. He has an
amateur interest in stars, fossils, and the history of just about anything, and enjoys hiking, biking, cooking,
and the music of J. S. Bach, Michel Camilo, John Coltrane, Pat Metheny, Carlos Santana, Kronos Quartet,
Thievery Corporation, and The Tragically Hip.

Areas of Interest

Stars; Fossils; Music;

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