Michelle Lynn-Sachs

Dr. Michelle Lynn-Sachs

Address3080 Broadway
New York, NY 10027

Professor, Jewish Education, Jewish Theological Seminary of America

EDU 5514, Synagogue Education Practicum II,
EDU 5559, Staff Development and Supervision,
EDU 5609, Leading and Managing Jewish Non-profit Organizations,

Dr. Michelle Lynn-Sachs is assistant professor of Jewish Education at the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education of The Jewish Theological Seminary. Dr. Lynn-Sachs’s teaching and research focuses primarily on Jewish education in the congregational setting. She coordinates the synagogue education track for Davidson MA students, supervising student fieldwork and teaching the synagogue education practicum.

Dr. Lynn-Sachs’s areas of interest include educational leadership, congregational studies, sociology of education, and sociology of religion. Her recent research project, titled “Inside Sunday School: Cultural and Religious Logics at Work at the Intersection of Religion and Education,” was a comparative, ethnographic study of the aspirations for religious education programs in a Catholic church, Protestant church, and synagogue. She has presented her work at conferences of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion and the Network for Research in Jewish Education.

Areas of Interest

Jewish Education;

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