Mike Piburn

 Mike Piburn

Address15800 Calvary Road
Kansas City, MO 64147

Director of Non-Traditional Studies, Instructor, Calvary Theological Seminary (Calvary Bible College)

B.S., Calvary Bible College, 1967
M.Div., Trinity Theological Seminary, 1989
Ph.D., Trinity College and Seminary, Biblical Counseling, 1993

He came to Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary in 1993 as faculty member and chair of the Biblical Counseling Department. He established the Biblical Counseling and Education Center, serving as Director/Counselor for fourteen years. He was appointed Academic Dean in 1999 and then served as Vice President and Academic Dean of the College for nine years before becoming President in 2009. During that time, he also served as the Accreditation Coordinator.

Prior to joining the College and Seminary faculty, he served over 20 years in the local church ministry as associate pastor and senior pastor. He also served as a chaplain for a community college, a Minnesota correctional facility, and a volunteer fire department. Prior to the pastorate, he served as an Executive Director for Southeast Iowa Youth For Christ.

Dr. Clark currently also serves as President of the “Biblical Counseling Network,” an organization for networking counselors, pastors, and others through on-line ministry, and is a founding member of “Counselor’s Edge,” a counseling ministry based in the greater Kansas City area.

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