Nils-Olov Nilsson

 Nils-Olov Nilsson

AddressPost Office Box 1189
Buckley, WA 98321

Faculty Mentor, Columbia Evangelical Seminary

Dr. Nilsson has been both associate pastor and missionary in the Elim Assembly, Sweden, since 1969. He was awarded the Honorary Citizen of Honduras for his work in directing such projects as housing development, water drilling, Bible institute founding, and Mission Station operations. His work Contextualization and Literalism in the Female Debate in the Swedish and Norwegian Pentecostal Movements 1978-1995 has been considered a major contribution to the research of Women’s Ministries in Sweden. Having mastered three languages (Swedish, Spanish, and English), he is presently working as Supervisor of Instruction at International Cassette Bible Institute in Lakeland, Florida. He is a frequent contributor to various Pentecostal and Evangelical magazines and journals. Dr. Nilsson earned a B.A. in Bible/Theology from ICI University, Irving, TX., an M.A. from Bethany Theological Seminary, Dothan, AL., and the M.T.S. and Th.D. from Columbia Evangelical Seminary, Longview, WA. Theological Persuasion: Pentecostal, Evangelical.

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