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 Pamela D. Couture
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Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean and Professor of Practical Theology, Saint Paul School of Theology

B.A., Ashland College,
M.Div., Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary,
Ph.D., University of Chicago,

Where’s the Peace to Keep? The Peacemaking Practices of Congolese in Kamina, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).”

In the last decade the Democratic Republic of Congo has been devastated by a war that has killed an estimated 4-5.4 million people. In most news reports about the war in Congo, Congolese are depicted as either victims or perpetrators. However, Congolese United Methodists have been actively engaged in bringing peace and reconciliation to their country.

Dr. Couture spent the month of January 2008, doing an oral history of Congolese preacemaking efforts and is writing a book on the peacemaking practices led by United Methodists in Kamina.


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Edited Journals

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Lectures, Workshops, and Papers
“Where’s the Peace to Keep?” (lecture presented as The Wynn Lecture, Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, Rochester, New York, February 24, 2009).
“Peacemaking as a Wesleyan Response to Environmental Degradation” (paper presented at the The 2nd Wesley International Conference, Hyupsung University, Seoul, Korea, October, 2008).
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“The Lost Face of Poor Children in Larger Social Social Systems” (paper presented at the symposium on Children’s Voices: Ethics, Theology and Religious Education, University of Leuven, Belgium, January 2007).
“Against Child Poverty: Relationships as a Foundation for Social and Economic Justice” (paper presented at the International Academy of Practical Theology, Berlin, Germany, March 2007).
“Christian Family?” (workshop presented at Grace United Methodist Church, Saint Louis, Missouri, October 2006).
“Demystifying the War in Congo” (paper presented at the Society for Pastoral Theology, Denver, Colorado, June 2006).
“Children and Youth: Opting for Violence or Peace” (presentation at the Society for Intercultural Pastoral Care and Counseling, Ketczkemet, Hungary, September 2004).
“The Least of These” (four presentations at the Kentucky (UMC) Annual Conference, June 2004).
“Children, Poverty and Economic Globalization” (paper presented at the Northeastern Jurisdictional Event on Economic Globalization, November 2003).
“Transforming the Church” (two multimedia presentations for Iowa Annual Conference based on the church’s response to children and poverty in the U.S., in Africa and the Philippines, Ames, Iowa, June 2003).
“Children, Poverty, and Economic Globalization” (presentation to the International Academy of Practical Theology, University of Manchester, Manchester, England, April 2003).
“Ethics and The Social Sciences” (panel response at retirement celebration for Don S. Browning at the University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, April 2003).
“Justice and Poverty: Seeing Children in Our Time” (three lectures on children’s rights, children and the global economy, and children and their parents’ sexuality presented at Queens Theological College, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, October 2002).
“What’s American about the United Methodist Social Principles” (presented at the Consultation on the United Methodist Social Principles, Liblin, The Czech Republic, September 2002).
“The Case for Children’s Rights” (lecture at the First Baptist Church of America, Providence, Rhode Island, September 2002).
“Practicing the New Creation: Participatory Music-making and Pastoral Care” (paper presented at Oxford Institute of Theological Studies, Oxford, England, August 2002).
Professional Leadership
American Academy of Religion (1981-present): Co-chair of the Wesleyan Studies Working Group (1998-2002)
International Association for Practical Theology (1991-present): Program Chair, International Society for Practical Theology meeting in April 1997, Seoul, Korea
Nour International Relief Aid (NIRA): Secretary, Board of Trustees
Oxford Institute for Methodist Theological Studies (1987-present): Section Chair on Practical Theology (1997, 2002)
Scholarship committee for the Fund for Theological Education (2001-2002)
Society for Pastoral Theology (1992-present): Nominating Committee (1999-2000); Editorial Committee for the Journal of Pastoral Theology (2001-present)
St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, Clinical Pastoral Education Program, Houston, Texas: Visiting Scholar (June 23-27, 2008)
Church Leadership
Grand Avenue Temple Charge Conference, Kansas City, Missouri
Northern Illinois Annual Conference (UMC): Board of Ordained Ministry (1984-1992)
United Methodist Church: Advisory Committee on Psychological Assessment, General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (2001-present); Educational consultant, United Methodist Bishops Initiative on Children and Poverty (1995-present)
Western New York Annual Conference (UMC): Associate member (2003-present) ud

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