Paul D. Hanson

Dr. Paul D. Hanson
Address14 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge, MA 2138

Florence Corliss Lamont Professor of Divinity, Harvard Divinity School, Harvard University

B.A., Gustavus Adolphus College,
B.D., Yale University,
Ph.D., Harvard University,

Paul Hanson has taught at Harvard since 1971, and was Lamont Professor of Divinity until July 2009, when he became Lamont Research Professor. After completing his PhD in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations in 1970, he spent a year doing archaeological research in Israel, and he has spent sabbatical years in Israel and Germany and most recently at Princeton. In his courses he focuses on Hebrew prophecy, Jewish literature of the Second Temple Period, the religion of the ancient cultures of Mesopotamia and Egypt, and biblical theology. He is currently working to complete a book examining the interplay between religion and politics, with emphasis on American faith communities rooted in biblical tradition. The titles of his books give an indication of his range of scholarly interests: The Dawn of Apocalyptic: The Historical and Sociological Roots of Jewish Apocalyptic Eschatology; Dynamic Transcendence: The Correlation of Confessional Heritage and Contemporary Experience in a Biblical Model of Divine Activity; The Diversity of Scripture: A Theological Interpretation; Visionaries and Their Apocalypses; Old Testament Apocalyptic; The People Called: The Growth of Community in the Bible; and Isaiah 40-66.

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