Paul Tashiro

Ph.D. Paul Tashiro

Address787 E. Northside Drive
Jackson, MS 39206

Professor of Old Testament, Wesley Biblical Seminary

B.A., Oglethorpe University, 1972
M.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary, 1975
M.Phil., Hebrew Union College, 1987
Ph.D., Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion, 1989

I was born to the Zen-Buddhist (Soto-sect) parents running a Geisha-girl house in Tokyo, and raised up with Lao-tzu’s (Taoistic) Weltanschauung, Confucian ethics, and ultra-nationalistic Shintoist ideaology coupled with the Emperor/ancestor-worshiping system. In the last year of the “Greater Asian Utopian War” (i.e., WW II), I volunteered, because of my brainwashed upbringing (mentioned above), and tried to die as a Kamikaze pilot for the Emperor, but my sincere intent was totally baffled by the Imperial Japan’s total surrender on Aug. 15, 1945.

This “8-15” devastating event drove me to disillusionment and desperation against everything in the world, and I joined a Yakuza group (i.e., Japanese version of the Mafia). In 1949, I was converted to Christian faith in a tent evangelistic meeting held by the OMS-Japan Holiness Church, and in the following year accepted His call for the full-time Christian ministry. I joined the OMS Every Creature Crusade as an interpreter and evangelist. Subsequently, on my death-bed, the Healer Jesus touched my body and gave me a divine healing from T.B., and experienced consequently sanctification.

Before coming to the states, I worked in tourist industry (as a licensed tour agent), trading firms, and joint-venture. After being ordained, I served as a local preacher in Louisville Conference of the United Methodist Church (presently, Kentucky Conference) for 16 years, in the last 4 years (1987-1991) of which I taught Christian Religion, Philosophy, History of Israel, Archaeology, and Hebrew at Lindsey Wilson College, Columbia, KY.

Publications are as follows: “Heidegger’s Concept of Time” (GA Philosophical Society, Athens, GA, 1971); “Concept of Time in the Works of Seiichi Hatano” (B.A. Thesis; GA Philosophical Society, GA, 1972); Basic Christian Beliefs (ed. by Dr. Terry Swan, 1989); The Words of God (ed. by Dr. Terry Swan, 1990); “Comparative Study of the Ancient Japanese Culture and Sumerian Culture” (Journal of Tokyo Joshi Daigaku, 1998); “The 21st Century ‘Research Ecology’ on the Bible and Ancient Languages” (Journal of Waseda university, 1998); “Ministry of the New Testament,” Ministry That Matters (ed. by Dr. Terry Swan, 2000); and several articles for the Journals;

Professional membership I have: Georgia Philosophical Society (1971-1972); Wesleyan Theological Society (1974-); International Society of Theta Phi (1975-); American Association of University Professors (1977-); American Oriental Society (1978-); National Association of Professors of Hebrew (1979-); Evangelical Theological Society (1992-); Institute for Biblical Research (1992-); and Society of Biblical Literature (1994-);

Dr. Tashiro’s interests include Mountaineering, Jujitsu, Kendo, Gymnastics, Igo, travelling, and Archaeology.

Areas of Interest

Old Testament;

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