Philip M. Steyne

Dr. Philip M. Steyne

Address7435 Monticello Road
Columbia, SC 29203

Intercultural Studies, Columbia Biblical Seminary & School of Missions, Columbia International University

B.A., Roosevelt University,
M.Div., Northern Baptist Theological Seminary,
D.Miss., Fuller School of World Missions,

Dr. Phil Steyne served with The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM), first as principal of the Florence Christian Academy in Swaziland, and later as principal of the Durban Bible College in South Africa. As a special representative of The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM), he was engaged in a missions conference ministry until invited to be chairman of the missions department at Philadelphia College of the Bible in 1975. While there, he also served as senior pastor of St. Paul’s Evangelical Bible Church, Pensauken, New Jersey.

Dr. Steyne has served on the boards of both Pioneers and World Mission Associates. He has traveled widely and served in the interest of world evangelization in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and the South Pacific.

He wrote Gods of Power: A Study of the Beliefs and Practices of Animists, and In Step With The God of the Nations: A Biblical Theology of Missions.

Dr. Steyne was interim pastor at First Baptist Church, Columbia, SC, from 1984-86. He and his wife, Jeanne, have four children: Paul, Marilyn, Daniel and Linda.

Education and Experience:

B.A., Roosevelt University; M.Div., Northern Baptist Theological Seminary; D.Miss., Fuller School of World Missions; missionary, TEAM, 1961-75; headmaster, Florence Christian Academy, Swaziland, 1961-65; principal, Durban Bible College, Durban, South Africa, 1967-71; representative, TEAM, 1974-75; missions department chair, Philadelphia College of the Bible, 1975-80; pastor, St. Paul’s Evangelical Bible Church, 1976-80; interim pastor, First Baptist Church, 1984-86; faculty, CIU Seminary and School of Missions, 1980-2004.

Areas of Interest

Intercultural Studies;

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